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They say that there are people who can easily solve math problems and those who will never understand how to do it. No matter how hard teachers try to explain the algorithm for solving equations and the logic behind this process to them, any math book still will be just a mysterious text written in a cryptic language. And there’s nothing wrong about it. As a rule, people who struggle with understanding the mathematical laws, are very good at humanities. We all have our talents. But what if you have lots of math assignments waiting for you, and there’s no chance to cope with them? Fortunately, there are various online services ready to help you with solving those annoying math problems. Let’s find out which ones of them are worth paying attention to and can come in hand.

Know Your Enemy

When you want to conquer an enemy, you need to know all about him to find the right way to do it. If you don’t understand a new rule, don’t know how to apply it or can’t prove a theorem, look for some broad explanations and additional examples.

FreeMathHelp is a great web platform for students having a difficult time with math. You can learn more about trigonometry, calculus, statistics, etc.  and discuss your problems with peers. You can ask their help to explain something you don’t understand or become a rescuer for someone who needs your assistance. As you’ve probably figured out, the service is free of charge.

WebMath is a resource provided by Discovery Education and aims at giving examples and explanations of difficult math concepts. [sociallocker] You can choose the topic your’ struggling with and get some practice in solving the relevant problems.

At Tutor, you can find an expert in math who’ll be glad to help you with math assignments of any difficulty.  You will not only get your math problems solved but also learn how to cope with them in the future.

MathGoodies was launched in 1998 and still has a lot of goodies to offer. Here you can find valuable tips, worksheets
for practice, puzzles, and math games to have some fun.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to understand the methods of solving math problems is practicing. If you need to get a hint on how to cope with your assignment or learn how it should be solved, you can find multiple resources for it.

Using InteractMath allows you to choose the book you use for your class and the problem you’re struggling with. If the answer you enter is not correct, you’ll receive some hints and suggestions on how to pursue.


MathWay is a great app that shows you the steps of solving any math problem. You’ll be able to find a mistake in your calculations or simply see how it has to be solved. Although, to be able to see the steps you must pay a fee, and you can know the answer for free.

Wolfram Alpha is the favorite app of many students. [/sociallocker] You can upload a math problem and get it solved step-by-step. And if you’d like to use it on your tablet or mobile phone, you’ll have to pay a fee.